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Creatine: Studies have shown it can increase training intensity and endurance. It may also help in aiding recovery. Works by flushing water into the muscles reducing the risk of lactic acid build up. There are studies against creatine’s effectiveness. I would recommend eating red meat one to two times a week to increase creatine levels naturally.

Whey protein: Evidence shows there is a need to increase protein when performing weight bearing exercises. Whey is a very potent (easily digestible) protein which makes it ideal for directly after workouts and perhaps increasing recovery time.

Meal replacements and protein bars: ideal for those who struggle to consume adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates.

Caffeine products: Caffeine directly affects the central nervous system by decreasing drowsiness and increasing alertness. This may help before a workout when feeling tired. Also increases the speed of the metabolism.

Multivitamins: Consider taking if diet is low in fruits and vegetables

Omega capsules: Consider taking if diet is low in essential oils

Sports drinks: May be useful after a workout (fast sugars)

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